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Villarrica is Chile's most active and studied volcano. Caldera collaps, plinian eruptions and pyroclastic flows have been produced during the last 14.000 years. Lava flows up to 16 km long have issued from summit and flank vents. 130 eruptions since 1400, the last in 2015, have consisted largely of mild to moderate explosive activity with occasional lava effusion. Glaciers cover 40 sq km of the volcano, and lahars have damaged infrastructure on its flanks.

Villarrica Volcanic Tours offers 3 standard tours, designed especially for interested in earth sciences, nature lovers and photographers, who wish an insight into active volcanism, from the perspective of an research volcanologist.
Field Trip Nr. 1: Villarrica`s Past 

  • Tour type:         Villarrica base field trip - study - photography 
  • Nr. of stops:      8 (up to 10 min walk)
  • Difficulty:           Easy
  • Equipment:        Trekking shoes, wind jacket, sun glasses and solar protection.
  • Duration:           1 day
  • Group size:         3 - 7
  • Price p.p.:          107 € / 120 USD
  • Included:           Transportation and volcanologist guide
  • Reservations:      info@villarricavolcanictours.com
Field Trip Nr. 2: 1-Day Trekking Tour to the Caldera Wall

  • Tour type:    Araucaria forest-Caldera wall-volcanism-
  • Difficulty:      Requieres an average fitness level [5 hour walk]
  • Equipment:   Trekking shoes, trekking poles, 1 1/2 liter water,
                          wind jacket, sun glasses and solar protection.
  • Duration:      1 day
  • Price p.p.:     107 € / 120 USD
  • Group size:    2 - 7
  • Included:      Transportation and volcanologist guide 
  • Reservations: info@villarricavolcanictours.com

  • All volcanic, glaciers and other outdoor trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants.
  • For the reason of unstable weather in southern Chile, Villarrica Volcanic Tours can’t guarantee a good view or sightings even though the tours are operated.
  • Villarrica Volcanic Tours reserve the right to change planned tours if roads are blocked or the access to volcanoes was restricted by local government.
  • Villarrica Volcanic Tours reserve the right to cancel tours in case of bad weather or other negative circumstances.
  • The photographic tour to the base of Villarrica volcano will only take place by moderate or high activity in the summit.
  • Because the Chilean Geological Service (OVDAS-SERNAGEOMIN) recommends preventively applying access restrictions in an area near the crater of Villarrica volcano, with a radius of 500 meters, Villarrica Volcanic Tours does not offers ascents to the summit.

Volcano Photography by night

  • Tour type:    Photography-red glow over the summit-milky way
  • Difficulty:      Easy
  • Equipment:   Trekking shoes, wind jacket, photographic
  • Duration:      3 hours
  • Price p.p.:     50 € / 57 USD   
  • Included:      Transportation to the best places
  • Reservations: info@villarricavolcanictours.com
Summit Overfly

  • Tour type:    Photography-summit and glacier's overfly
  • Equipment:   Wind jacket, photographic equipment       
  • Price p.p.:     on request
  • Included:      Transportation from Pucón to local airport
  • Reservations: info@villarricavolcanictours.com
Tour 1 -Andesitic lava flow from 1971 eruption.
Tour 1 - Structure damaged by the 1971 eruption.
Tour 1 - 3.700 years old Pucón Ignimbrite deposits.
Tour  2 - 1.850 m a.s.l. high caldera wall and Turbio-Pichancahue glacier covered by piroclastics.
Volcano photograpy by night
Summit and glacier's overfly
Field Trip Nr. 3:  Araucanía Volcanoes

  • Tour type:    Villarrica, Llaima and Lonquimay volcanoes
                           Trekking, photography, volcanism  
  • Difficulty:      Requieres an average fitness level
  • Equipment:   Trekking shoes, trekking poles, wind jacket, sun glasses and solar protection.
  • Duration:      5 days / 4 nights
  • Group size:    3 - 8
  • Price p.p.:     On request  
  • Included:      Pick-up from Temuco airport, 4 nights in Hotel/Cabins, transportation with
                           minibus, full board, local volcanologist guide, transfer to Temuco airport.
  • Reservations: info@villarricavolcanictours.com
        Tour Timetable

         Day 1: Arrival at Temuco Airport
         Pick-up at Temuco Airport. Transfer to comfortable cabins/hotel in Pucón (80 km).
       In the evening multimedia talk about Villarrica volcano.
       Day 2: The past of Villarrica Volcano
       Full day Tour around the base of Chile's most active and hazardous volcano. Visit of
       8 important highlights of volcanological-interest. Amazing photo opportunities.
       Three types of lunch box. Easy, up to 10 minutes walk.        

       Day 3: Geopark Kütralkura - Llaima Volcano
         Departure to Melipeuco (123 km), National Park Conguillio, at the base of Llaima, the second
       most active chilean volcano. 4 hour trekking to the base of Sierra Nevada volcano.

        Day 4: Geopark Kütralkura - Lonquimay Volcano
        Departure to Malalcahuello (218 km). Ascent to the summit of Navidad parasitic cone from 1989.
        Open vents, view to Tolhuaca volcano and Lonquimay volcanic complex.

          Day 5: Departure or own extension
        Transfer to Temuco airport, end of the tour or own extension.                   
Villarrica volcano. Last erupted in 2015.
Llaima volcano. Last erupted in 2007-2009.
Lonquimay volcano, pyroclastic cone "Navidad" from 1989-1990.
Tour Guide

Chilean/German research volcanologist and Villarrica expert Werner Keller will guide every tour offered. After a post degree in Volcanology and Volcanic Geophysics in Canary islands, Werner founded in 1996 the "Villarrica Volcano Observation Project" (POVI) and since 2017, manage as executive director the "Chile´s Volcanoes Foundation". In 2016, after providing advice in volcanology to television documentalists from Brazil, Japan and Germany, the science tourism company "Villarrica Volcanic Tours" was born.
Volcanologist Werner Keller (povi.cl)
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